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"all hail the sad queen." - june

I like comics, television, writing, hulks, food, ladies and telling you how I feel about fictional characters and moody bison. I'm an irresponsible ne'er-do-well and you probably shouldn't follow this blog.

romulan princess(es)

Hi friends, I finally have a few minutes to myself it seems.

New Orleans is WEIRD AND HOT but fun. I have met so many interesting, lovely people and made a lot of connections. The Film Festival is so hectic but it’s been so successful and rewarding, and I mean, I get to meet filmmakers and go to extravagant parties, so it makes the 12+ hour days pretty much worth it. Thank you for putting up with my selfies.

Hopefully I’ll actually get my damn internet running soon and actually get to enjoy my (lovely) apartment

stay frosty, chickpeas xo

Party Like Its 1989 at howlin wolf’

October 19th — and with 2 notes

At a party at the old Anne Rice house!??? So goddamn fancy.

October 18th — and with 12 notes

Oh holy shit, I’m so tired.

Opening night starts tomorrow! Check out the 150+ films the New Orleans Film Festival has to offer @neworleansfilmsociety

October 15th — and with 0 notes

All Access.

October 15th — and with 10 notes

Jazz brunch!!!!!! #mimosatime (at Buffa’s Bar & Restaurant)

October 12th — and with 0 notes

Who dat, motherfuckers.

October 11th — and with 3 notes

Home sweet home!

October 11th — and with 13 notes